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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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♪ . the last name you saw on the screen was the single fatality that day in loma. i'm honored to introduce you to someone who helped rescue that young man's brother from that vehicle. he's retired since. doug can you stand and be recognized? right there (clapping) . i now have the pleasure to introduce my chairperson so prepare for another truly set of remarks. amy become chair a little bit
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over a year ago and this was prebolts and i'm sure figured there might be more of a straight line but she's held up like a trooper and been a great leader through a difficult time in this project. loophole join me in welcoming my chair amy worth (clapping) >> thank you, very much. steve i'm honored to be here to welcome i all and to say what a great a day and congratulations to everyone. it really is a glorious day. being around the eastern span one of the things you may have noticed it that construction is not an old boy's club anymore. it's something that video news
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man mark john noticed when he was documenting the bridge. so he's done more than 20 oral histories. and he comprised a short video precisely some of the women who have transcribed to the ante span. please join me >> i work in san francisco my mother worked on the new bridge and my brother. my mom worked on the first and second phase with me for another one of the contractors that were out here. and my grandfather worked on the original span but it's been fun. >> it's one of those projects that's come in a lifetime. >> it's seeing it take a look take shape. when i finish our work you see
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something >> i work for the superintendent of the project. so no days even the same. it's interesting like i said in high school i'm going to work and build bridges (clapping) thank you mark for our outstanding work documenting the women who are breaking barriers in the infrastructure. and also for for or against a pathway for our daughters and our granddaughter's interest thank you (clapping) >> as m t c and commissioner
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and as commission chair it's been a privilege to have the opportunity over the years to get so close to the bridge project even in the last 6 months and now to know the men and women who have brought this bridge to life. i'd like to thank my colleagues into past and present who's vision led to this magnificent bridge and to a our independent panel of folks. i'd like to extend a special thanks to our highway administration and to thank all the toll payers who made this possible. i'd like to a thank all the
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people to tell this story through their words and photographs and videos and personal stories from engineers to administrative staff, xarptsd and painters and iron rngz and boat captains and project managers and every other job there is. the people on this project have been truly exceptional not just professional and hardworking but happy to be doing the work they do and happy to talk about it and to share their problematic on this incredible project. i remember coming out to the island in the previous day labor day closing and being fascinate by carrying out staff. the whole island was abuzz.
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it was the buzz of commitment. i'll never forgot the dynamic as watching the engineers that evening as we watched the crew at the time sit out the hypocritical jacks and they move forward the 3 hundred and 50 foot new bridge pass by inch by inch. there was only two inches even if space on that 3 hundred and 50 innovate section. this bridge is made of a lot more of cement and steel it's made of pride. pride in the creation and pride in the prevention and the achievement and the challenges faced and overcome and pride in
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making a splendid location not just that's beautiful today but truly spectacular for generations to come. some will look at the bridge and see a road and other will see art and other will see science. all of those is true yet i will effort look at this beautiful span and see the people together who bridged road, art and science and made them soar >> thank you (clapping) and now in keeping of the theme of the great people who have contributed to this bridge i'll introduce my great friend chair
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of the california transportation commission (clapping). >> thank you amy as chairman of the transportation commission it's a real honor to be here today. i'll to take this moment to recognize and honor all my fellow commissioner who are present today starting with bob bob bobby. commissioner lucy and fran, commissioner joe (clapping) >> i'd like to honor two of our past commissioners x commissioner jerry, and ex-commissioner phil. (clapping). >> i'd like to acknowledge our current and past directors and
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their staff in keeping this project moving forward. the ct c has plated a big role as established be by the legislature in july 2005. we've been roeptd by four of our executive directors. my colleague on the podium and john who's in the audience. i specifically want to recognize my colleague for this important transportation department. she's represented here by her husband vernon. (clapping) >> he's out there somewhere and the brothers. thank you for attending
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(clapping) >> other key staff members who worked tirelessly were steven millioner and dean a. they labored hard overseeing the project. as you know there were several delays. in the 90s it was the u.s. navy to get them to do the basic soil testing. for four years the navy was a road black block and along came in an attorney who summoned a team of lawyers out to california for a meeting and greeted them with a line of questions that devastated the navy's position. within weeks caltrans was granted the go head. help me to join in recognizing
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jerry. jerry would i stand up (clapping) >> in closing my father worked on this bridge as carpeters 22. my parents were here to celebrate the opening in 1936. the bridge cost 77 million the program was $0.25. in the program you'll find some interesting statistics by one strange point is when the bookends war paid off the bridge was supposed to be free so i'm assuming it has not been paid off. the earthquake in 1939 is it shouldn't have taken that long to go forward on projects.
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let's be more coffin responsive to the public's needs as in 1936. thank you and enjoy your new bridge (clapping) >> don't worry we're in the home stretch only 27 speakers to go. i want to acknowledge more folks in the audience. there are 3 that former chairs who still you serve on the commission. (calling names). we picked the design (clapping) >> i'm going to ask you all to stand up later. we picked the design when jim was chair and i don't think he's going to forgive me. two former or 3 folks deserve
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special recognize. (calling names). (clapping) 345r was the chair and both john and jerry served on the design task force. i can't thank them enough for sitting through the meetings and sticking with this project to get it done. can i ask all the current and former t c members to stand up so we can recognize you. (clapping) >> that includes you now the first thing we the when we created the bay bridge task forced force we created the advisory panel because what did we know about picking a bridge
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design second year their chairman couldn't be here because he had a hip surgery and in an e-mail joe described the project as a long hard fight. i would like to acknowledge the members of e adopt member please stand if you're a member and accept our appreciation. i want to thank 3 former members of the legislature. (calling names) they authored 2 of the 3 finding projects that paid for the bridge (clapping) >> senator hancock authored the other one. the bay area owes is great debt
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to all of those legislative leaders because they provided the leadership and the i guess i would call it the steering capacity as we've made our way through it is your belligerent seas. i'd like to acknowledge the former mayor of san francisco willie brown who's here (clapping) >> it's not often you have clinton, cop in the same paragraph. they have the same initially a which stands for adorable. someone who you unfortunately saw in our list david and ron deducting men are here to represent their father.
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david and ron where you are? are they here. oh, their way in the back. wow. we shove gotten you guys better seats. alex had a rare combination of empathy and he was the quiet it. the bike path is named in his honor and we'll open it tomorrow in his memory. there are also on a lighter note four other folks who deserve a moment of recognition. their unstoppable advocates for the east span. they've plated different roles by all four confusing for the rest of us share the first name ryan. so without further ado the lives
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of ryan ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so our first brian is brian patterson. he's the first one all in his glory (clapping) you know, brian was always the most nerve i didn't say guy on the job you think he would be worried about the steel but he was worried about our visits to the job site. and he knew us well, so i development this compact of showing up of us showing up in seconds on the bridge. he muster post a lookout on the tower. now much has been said about the
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ungodly time of constructing this bridge. he was younger here. i think brian the second brian is named ma iron (clapping) . as a lead bridge engineer for caltrans he's been the heart and soul of the project. he's been with me every step of the way and i barely got a word in.
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he's explaining something about the span and i want to know how he stated excited about something for 20 years in a roadway. one thing people get wrong about brian they think the project game his gray but he went gray at an early age. brian number 3 is my cf o person (clapping) he's pictured here in his everyday work attire although we only see him a couple of times a week. brian's mother to is spend other folks money first. the foreheads only kicked in 5 peace officers and the state 20
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percent the rest was on the toll payers but brian got us the lowest. brian has been at this financial game for a long time. and you know it's coming mr. secretary the last brian is our next speaker transportation brian. (clappin (clapping). brian is a convenient of all the legislature wars figure out over this bridge having worked from bill to mr. burton to daryl stein beggar interest to look at the combined contribution if it
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were not for kelly your tolls would be much higher to pay for this bridge. and thanks to patterson and ma iron there as high as they all right. are are. our last brian has been rescued by governor brown who appointed him our secretary of transportation. he's president this role his whole life. so let's bring brian kelly to the microphone and give a big applause to all our brian's. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, thank you steven e steve i'm not sure though how to respond to this picture. i want to commit all brian's on
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their names. i'm honored to think here. i've been sobered with this project throughout any 18 years as a staff person in the state senate and more recently in the brown administration for the past 15 months. i'll say over the 18 years this project has had an effect on me. it's had time to inspire me and frustrate me and today having seen the final project it expresses me. there are thousands of men and women who gave much of themselves to see this project accomplished. it's their work and their resolve and their friendship that i want to spend a moment honoring. first optimistic continue in day
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you can't let a moment pass without honoring the men and women in the labor community who did the work. i want to acknowledge all of them (clapping) secondly i know owe loves to be acknowledged. the second brian has given me so much guidance i've got to tip my hat to dr. brian ma iron (clapping) dr. ma iron is enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. he's a first class public servant. thank you brian
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(clapping) to my friend steve and his colleague in crime from the toll authority. we've been partners on this project from the beginning. we worked well together over the years and today that work pays off. sieving and randy thank you. (clapping) >> it was men's again in the video that i spent time with state political leaders over the years and there's a few i want to acknowledge base at very crucial movements in the life of this project they came through for the bay area. i want to listen to the folks who helped influence me. (calling names). john burton and my former boss
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senator pro-item and mr. hancock, and, of course, former governor gray davis. there are others but your collective leadership made this possible. there are several heads of the department of transportation who have been sobered with this project. from project selection from the original decision to construct the new bridge thought the management and political challenges in sacramento. (calling names) from the wilson administration and my colleague today malcolm. thank you all (clapping) i've learned a thing or two from steve my current boss and i want
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to thing governor brown. this project hit a bumpy road associated with some bolts in the bridge but during that time the governor speculated first a steady i didn't focus on safety and wisdom to let the engineers make the decision when the bridge is safe and i appreciate that kind of direction from above to thank you governor and monthly i want to thank the people from the bay pr there have been challenges from moving this forward but through it all the people of that region have speculated great, great patience and we reward that patience with this great structure.
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it is true that nothing worth doing it easy but it's certainly worthwhile. it pridz it's travelers with a safe package. we'll think less about the controversies and instead call out the human spirit that built this privilege this is a human triumph thank you very much (clapping) >> it is now my great pleasure pleasure to introduce the chairman of the department of transportation. malcolm (clapping) >> thank you secretary kelly


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